Advantages of MC4 Connector

● Simple,quick,safe and effective filed assembly
● Develop independently,innovative design,have independent intellectual property rights,adaptive to MC4 connector directly
● High mechanical endurance
● High current and voltage carrying:30A,1000VDC
● Low transition resistance
● Innovative sealed,waterproof,dust resistance design:IP68
● Excellent plastic material ,UL 94-V0,wide temperature range:-40°c to 90°c,weather and UV resistant for long-time outdoor application
● Approved by TUV

Assembly instructions for MC4 connector
● During self assembly ,parts and tools other those stated by R&X are used or if the preparation and assembly instructions described here are disregarded then neither safety nor compliance with the technical data can be guaranteed.
● For protection against electric shock ,PV Connectors must be isolated from the power supply while being assembled or disassembled
● The end product must provided protection from electric shock
● Unplugging under load:PV plug connections must not be unplugged while under load.They can be placed in a no load state by switching off the DC/AC converter or breaking the AC circuit interrupter.Plugging and unplugging while under voltage is permitted
● Disconnected connectors should be protected from dirt and water with sealing caps.
● Plugged parts are watertight IP67

This connector is specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic system components inside and outside of building and equipment.