YINGHUASOLAR Signed Over 46MW Supply Contracts for Ukraine in Q1 2019

Upload: admin | Time: 2019-4-02

YINGHUASOLAR has signed over 46MW solar module supply contract for Ukraine market in Q1,2019,with value of more than 9.2 million USD. This volume increases more than 300% compared to Q1 last year.In 2018,YINGHUASOLAR supplied totally around 54MW the whole year for Ukraine for roof-top markets,which occupied around 10% market share.YINGHUASOLAR AS-6P30-280W/285W and AS-6P-330W/335W solar modules have been one of the most popular solar module types in this market.

YINGHUASOLAR expects a better performance and more active marketing in Ukraine in 2019.During April 17-18th,YINGHUASOLAR will attend and exhibit its new high effiency modules and new solar technology at the solar expo of CISOLA in Kyiv,Ukraine,and YINGHUASOLAR is one of the sponsors of this Expo.

To know more about YINGHUASOAR products and technology,please visitwww.yinghuasolar.com,or contact us at info@yinghuasoar.com.

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