YINGHUASOLAR New 500MW Automatic Line Start Massive Production

Upload: admin | Time: 2019-1-09

Yinghua Solar announces today that its new 500MW fully aotomatic production lines with robots started massive production in the Feb of 2019,and Yinghua Solar annual global supply capability of solar modules has increased to 2.2GW this year.Total investment of this new line is around 6 million US dollars and Company will invest additional 18.6 million US dollars as daily operation fund to reach the designed manufacturing output of this line.

Yinghua Solar 500MW new line will be focus on the production of high-efficiency solar modules,including PERC,Half-cell,Bifacial and Double Glass modules from 310Wp(60cells) to 430Wp(72cells),and all these new Yinghua Solar types have already benn approved by TUV in 2018.

Based on Yinghua Solar Current solar technology and production management system,Yinghua Solar is confident to produce higher efficiency solar modules at a lower cost,which is always a leading advantage of Yinghua Solar in global solar industry.Yinghua Solar will continuously contribute more for global solar investors to lower down their investment cost and increase their investment Return Rate.

To know more about YINGHUASOAR products and technology,please visit www.yinghuasolar.com,or contact us at info@yinghuasoar.com.

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