Yinghuasolar Signed 84MW Contracts During Black Friday and Thanksgiving

Upload: admin | Time: 2018-12-09

Yinghuasolar announces today that it has signed sales contracts for 84MW solar modules during Black Friday and Thanksgiving Pormotion.In this promotion,Yinghuasolar offers high-efficiency solar panels 280Wp(60cells),300Wp(60cells),335Wp(72cells)and 360Wp(72cells) for local distributors and agents in different contries.Solar modules in these contracts will be delivered to the customers from January to March 2019,and the total value of these contracts is around 18 million US dollars.

Every year Yinghuasolar organize promotion during Black Friday,Thanksgiving,Christmas,and New Year Day,to express gratitude to all Yinghuasolar global partners and to support them for new business development.Mutual Support and Mutual Benefit is one of the key corporate values and philosophy of Yinghuasolar, and this is the solid base for a very close and very strong partnership between Yinghuasolar and local agents in different countries.

To know more about Yinghuasolar products and technology,please visit www.yinghuasolar.com,or contact us at info@yinghuasolar.com.

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