Yinghuasolar Signed 5MW Supply Contract for Brazil for 2019

Upload: admin | Time: 2018-11-29

Yinghuasolar announced today that Company has signed a 5MW solar module supply contract with a Brazillian company on November 15th,2018,and Yinghuasolar 340W type solar modules will be supplied in this contract in 2019.

Yinghuasolar 60cells(275Wp/280Wp),72cells(330Wp,340Wp) solar modules have been certified by INMETRO in Brazil,and higher efficiency solar module 360Wp/375Wp already extended in November 2018.This year Yinghuasolar has already delivered totally over 30MW solar products to Brazil mainly with its distribution and roof-top projects.This has made Yinghuasolar one of the solar pioneers.This has made Amerisolar one of the solar pioneers in Brazil market.

Yinghuasolar is not only one of the earliest solar companies that have achieved INMETRO Certification in Brazil,but also one of the earliest for RETIE Certification in Colombia and SEC certification in Chile.Yinghuasolar has now become a popular solar brand in South America,and Company expects a nearly 400% growth by revenue in this market compared to 2017.

To know more about Yinghuasolar products and technology,please visit www.yinghuasolar.com,or contact us at info@yinghuasolar.com.

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